Cloud mining

Guaranteed profit in a period of high volatility



You rent only a part of the computing equipment



Coins are credited to your balance daily



No additional costs



Mining is controlled by us around the clock

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    • Contract period (days):
    • Investment: 45

    For the same price: usd

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      % of profit

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      % of profit

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  • 1 TH/s


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Package offers


20 TH/s

7 days
  • Profit per day ≈$2.63


250 TH/s

30 days
  • Profit per day ≈$32.82


250 TH/s

60 days
  • Profit per day ≈$32.82


500 TH/s

90 days
  • Profit per day ≈$65.64


  • Cloud mining is the process of cryptomining, in which the miner does not need to purchase equipment and engage in its maintenance. All mining work is performed by the cloud mining service.

  • Advantages of cloud mining:

    • • Low entry threshold. You can make a profit by investing only $ 50 in mining. In classic mining, this is not possible.
    • • There is no need to purchase pricey mining equipment;
    • • There is no need to deal with organizational issues – rental of premises, supply of equipment, legal issues and so on;
    • • Suppliers produce equipment to large mining companies with big discounts

  • Without mining, we would not have cryptocurrencies in the classic sense. The blockchain exists thanks to miners. It would be impossible to use bitcoin without mining. Investing in mining is more than an investment, it is a contribution to the faith of blockchain technology. Thanks to mining, you become the object of a system that does not just use it, but supports its work.

    Mining is always more profitable than a regular purchase. Even during periods of a major price drop, along with the price, the complexity of mining decreases. Miners extract more cryptocurrency because of this. Most often, in a bear market, the accumulated cryptocurrency is sold during periods of price spikes. In a bull market, cryptocurrencies are kept for as long as possible.

  • 1. Due to large discounts from suppliers, we have the opportunity to buy equipment at competitive prices.
    2. Our mining center is located in a region with very low electricity prices.
    3. The equipment of our mining center is constantly being optimized and upgraded.
    4. Thanks to a highly qualified team, we are able to quickly respond to the super-profitable mining opportunities of all cryptocurrencies.

  • By selling contracts, we have the opportunity to purchase new equipment from suppliers. In a growing market, this is important because equipment is becoming more expensive due to high demand. The more equipment we can purchase, the more discounts are provided by suppliers and the cheaper the capacity costs us.

  • Our cloud service is mainly aimed at the cryptocurrency bitcoin. But sometimes we switch capacities to mining other cryptocurrencies. Any other cryptocurrency we have mined changes to bitcoin. Only bitcoin is credited to your account in the system.

  • The minimum investment amount for the service users is $50

  • Bitcoin cryptocurrency can be withdrawn to your wallet on the next day of the contract purchase .

  • There is a clear dependence of the cryptocurrency exchange rate and the complexity of mining. The lower the rate, the more cryptocurrencies you end up mining. You can exchange the mined cryptocurrency when the price spikes.

Cloud mining service

The task of the cloud mining service is to create an opportunity to mine a cryptocurrency with a minimum entry threshold. You can start cryptomining with minimum investment. In addition, due to the possession of huge computing power, the service has low purchase prices for computing equipment and low electricity prices.

Thanks to the cloud mining service, you do not need to create your own mining farm and have a good command of the technical details. All you need to start mining is to buy capacity from us and the next day you will have the opportunity to withdraw a cryptocurrency and dispose of it as you please.